Reliable Data from Your Audience in Realtime.


Data-centric software that brings you and your customer closer together

Optimize your marketing strategy by shifting your focus away from vanity metrics and unreliable data that generate high impression numbers but low conversions. Instead, consider DashHound, a platform that offers valuable insights into user demographics, behaviors, and traffic patterns. DashHound goes beyond basic analytics and provides competitive analysis of your website and advertising campaign’s performance. It also offers real-time recommendations for optimization to achieve better results.

By leveraging DashHound, you can make data-driven decisions and achieve higher conversions, ultimately driving more meaningful outcomes from your marketing efforts. This approach aligns with the industry trend of valuing actionable insights over superficial metrics, ensuring that your marketing dollars are spent effectively.


Bringing your Customer Closer


Meet Dash, our data-loving dog who fetches information to bring you and your ideal customer closer together. With AI technology, DashHound targets the right audience at the right time for maximum engagement.

DashHound is more than just a reporting platform. Our programmatic software consolidates data and generates user-friendly insights that can help you optimize your business. Plus, it can provide recommendations on effectively communicating with your customers, no matter who they are and wherever they are.

DashHound is a Comporium technology and is the parent brand for LocalAds, Marketing Insights, and the DashHound GPT.


Learn what your customers need before they do.

Our Marketing Insights pixel is a comprehensive net to capture website traffic data and behaviors that can aggregate a users likes, dislikes, purchase behaviors, even down to their favorite car brand and type of cereal they prefer on say, Wednesday mornings! The data for Marketing Insights comes from over 40 data sources and your live report sorts through over 50,000 data points.


Audience first Advertising Done Right.

LocalAds is a programmatic advertising solution designed to get your product, brand, or event in front of the right person, no matter where they are or what they are doing. It uses AI to target the right audience at the right time for maximum engagement with a low-minimum budget. It is advertising that works!

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