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LocalAds: Effective Advertising with Tangible Business Outcomes


Reach Your TRUE Audience with Digital Ads

LocalAds is both audience-first and objective-based, meaning your audience lives across multiple platforms and engages with search and digital content in many ways, so instead of limiting digital advertising reach to only one or two platforms, why not let LocalAds run your branded display and video ads across every platform where your audience lives?

Leveraging the power of DashHound technology, LocalAds not only reaches your audience but also pulls insights from your audiences’ behavior into our easy-to-use dashboard so you can learn and we can optimize the best campaigns for your brand, product, or offer.

How Does LocalAds Advertising Work?

Maximize Your Reach and Influence with Our Cutting-Edge Proprietary Algorithm


Precision Targeting

Harnessing the power of location data and online insights, our proprietary algorithm, powered by DashHound, enables precise targeting of your ideal audience. Through a comprehensive approach, we deliver your message across various channels, including banner display, web video, OTT, search, and social media, ensuring maximum impact.


Lasting Impressions

Remarketing your message across multiple platforms, we create a lasting impression on your audience, driving the desired outcome. Our personalized approach guarantees your brand stays top-of-mind, no matter where your audience goes.


Reputable Exposure

To further elevate your brand exposure, we strategically place your ads on our carefully curated list of over 5,000 premium websites. This list boasts major networks such as CNN, USA Today, Yahoo, MSN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and their respective local affiliate websites. Rest assured, your brand will be seen by millions on these reputable platforms.

Unparalleled Potential

Unparalleled Potential

Experience the power of our algorithm and unlock unparalleled potential for your brand. Reach your ideal audience, leave a lasting impression, and watch your influence soar.


How Is LocalAds Different than Other Digital Advertising?

Data-driven Results that Make Your Marketing Budget… well, have value.


LocalAds is dedicated to delivering real, measurable results for your business, focusing on tangible outcomes rather than superficial vanity metrics. Our approach enables you to reach a specific, targeted audience across multiple platforms, ensuring your message resonates with the right people at the right time.

By leveraging data from online and physical behaviors, Dash helps to create a comprehensive audience profile that goes beyond the limitations of any single platform. This allows us to deliver your messages wherever and whenever your audience is actively engaged online, maximizing your reach and impact.

We not only track online outcomes but also monitor offline results, providing a holistic view of your campaign’s success. Our optimization strategies are data-driven, enabling us to identify the highest areas of success and refine your campaign for optimal performance.

With LocalAds, you can achieve top-of-the-funnel results even with an entry-level budget. Our cost-effective solutions ensure that you can make an impact from the start. And as your audience becomes fully optimized, you can explore additional LocalAds products to further enhance your campaign’s effectiveness.

Choose from our range of LocalAds products

Brand Awareness

Store Visits

Phone Call Leads

Form Fill Leads

Weather-Based Targeting

New Hires Campaigns

Experience the LocalAds difference and unlock the potential of your online advertising. Drive tangible results, optimize your campaign, and propel your business to new heights.


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